Research-led organisations tend to have an abundance of data. But communicating all of that data can be a challenge, especially to time-poor audiences. Data visualisations – whether they are static infographics, motion videos or interactive 'apps' – have a key role to play here.

Data visualisation trainings

Getting the fundamentals of data visualisation right is one of the most important ways that organisations can strengthen their data visualisation offer. Quaternary Consulting offer trainings, from as short as 20-minute to one-hour introduction sessions to half-day, full-day and multi-day workshops depending on your needs. We will work closely with you to tailor a relevant workshop. Common modules include:

  • Introduction to data visualisation
  • Data visualisation fundamentals and common mistakes
  • Tools for collecting and cleaning data
  • Creating static visualisations
  • Creating interactive visualisations

As an example, here's a video of a short introductory presentation given at the Stockholm Environment Institute in June 2015:


Do get in touch if your organisation would be interested in bespoke trainings. Or consider signing up to the On Think Tanks School for individual trainings.

Data visualisation portfolio

In addition to trainings, we also produce bespoke visualisations for our clients. As with all of our outputs, we like to think how these visualisations can be used in a number of different contexts. That means many of our visualisations are designed to work in multiple formats. For example, we've created online, interactive visualisations that also have explanatory videos, static visualisations, social media assets and print publications.